Friday, June 5, 2009

Tyche Industries : Unknown & Unloved - but for how long ?

Company : Tyche Industries Ltd

BSE Code : 532384 ( CMP : Rs 17.15, closing price on BSE - 3rd June, 2009)

Website :

Business : Contract Research / Manufacturing of API's, Intermediates, Nutraceuticals, and Fine & Specialty Chemicals

Company has :

  • 5 manufacturing units across 2 sites in A.P – Kakinada & Tanuku
  • Kakinada facilty in the process of obtaining USFDA approval
  • Setting up new project in East Godavari., A.P.
  • Got ISO 9001:2000 certification

Positives :

  • Zero Debt Company
  • Paying dividend since last 4 years
  • Showing steadily increasing trend in Sales / profits

Also :
A company Tyche Chem has taken 14.88 % in market purchases in Dec 08 qtr. The name suggests that they are associated with Tyche Industries, though not listed as a promoter entity. The inference from this market purchase seems obvious – that there is value in the listed company.

Tyche Industries - Financials
Equity :
9.84 Cr
Book Value : 20.6
Year Ending : 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 (9Mths)

Sales (Rs Cr) : 5.4 - 19.3 - 27.2 - 29.2 - 27.1

NP (Rs Cr) : 0.5 - 3.6 - 4.5 - 3.4 - 4.7

EPS (Rs) : 0.51 - 3.68 - 4.36 - 3.35 - 4.59

Dividend : 5% - 10% - 15% - 5% - n.a.

Negatives :

  • Company was originally in the Software business (as Siris Soft Ltd) but shifted to current business in 2003-04. [ Note : The company is not listed as a part of the Siris Group of companies whose flagship company Siris Ltd is under BIFR. However the promoters are related - i beleive the Tyche promoter is the son of the Siris promoter.]
  • Like with most small companies, there appears to be no proper compliance set-up , else the acquisition of 14.88 % stake by Tyche Chem should have been formally intimated to the stock exchanges when the 5% & 10% stake was triggered.
  • Annual Reports of the company do not give sufficient details regarding the future plans of the company, nor the SWOT analysis

Conclusions & Recommendation :

The company looks worthy of analysis & research by investors. It's dividend paying track record (likely to be continued this year) & zero-debt status gives comfort. However, as with most small-caps, enough information is not freely available & so investors are advised to do their own strict due diligence.

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