Monday, March 15, 2010

UMESL - Educating Gen Next

Usha Martin Education & Solutions Ltd (Bse Code : 532398, formerly Usha Martin Infotech Ltd) belonging to the Usha Martin (Jhawar) group has ventured into the schools education space in India.

UMESL plans to have 12 schools operational from the next acedemic year starting April 2010 (primarily in West Bengal, Bihar & Jharkand), moving up to 50 schools in operation from April 2011, and further scaling up to 200 schools in a span of 5 years. Each of these schools will provide K-12 (kindergarten to 12th standard) high quality English medium education to students all over the country, with a focus on non-metro towns and cities.

UMESL has tied up with Pearson India, of the Pearson group to source educational content. With Pearson, a world leader in education publishing, the UMESL enabled schools will have the advantage of accessing their rich digital and non-digital K12 contents like books, worksheets, assessment tools and resources for teachers as well as their state-of-the-art ERP software for school systems

Usha Martin Academy, which runs three centres in West Bengal and Jharkhand for advanced management and technical education, with plans to launch several more, has also been brought under the UMESL fold.

Websites of UMESL  :-

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Recommendation :

UMESL can be picked up on declines, strictly for a 5+ years holding period. While the opportunity is indeed humungous, the business model needs better understanding & the execution skills will require close monitoring.

Investors should note that the face value of the share which is Rs 5/- currently will fall to Rs 1/- due to the writing off of certain loss making businesses against the share capital & reserves. At Rs 28.70, it is discounting its effective face value 29 times, which is extremely steep. However looking at how quickly it has been able to start it's first dozen schools (within a few months of it's announcement of entry into schools education) & also keeping the humungous potential of the sector in mind, an initial investment can be contemplated.

Once the business model of the company is studied & understood in more detail, a further call can be made.

Author : Bosco Menezes

Recommendation Date : 14.3.2010

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