Monday, July 14, 2008

Camson Biotechnologies Ltd - One for Phillip A. Fisher

When Phillip A. Fisher , one of the pioneers of modern investment theory, wrote his masterpiece "Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits", the very 1st point he listed in his checklist of things to look for in a company before making a purchasing decision was :

" Does the company have products & services with a sufficient market potential to make possible a sizable increase in sales for at least several years ?"

Well, if there ever was a company that so perfectly fitted the above postulate, it is Camson Biotechnologies Ltd (BSE Code : 590076).

Since pictures speak more than a thousand words, I will save myself a few thousand by entreating the reader to watch the following presentation which will explain what Camson Biotechnologies & the sector it operates in is all about :

To tie-up a few salient points :

  • Camson is fully integrated agri-biotech company producing bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers, hybrid seeds & zero-residue fruits. It currently has 22 Bio Pesticides, 7 Bio Fertilisers and 17 Hybrid Seeds in it's product range.
  • With the world increasingly becoming sensitive to chemical-free food, and exports increasingly needing to be zero-residue, demand for bio-fertilizers & bio-pesticides is zooming yearly. The world over, countries are moving towards banning agro-chemicals due to the increasing realisation of the longer term costs on the health of their populations.
  • Bio-pesticides & hybrid seeds make up around 80% of the current turnover of the company. The company sells it's products at lower than the equivalent prices for the chemical-based products, and with the "chemical-free, zero-residue" advantages. This makes it a win-win for the farmer / contract farmer. Company has all the necessary certifications of it's products.
  • Extensive details regarding the company, it’s products, it's vision etc can be accessed on it’s website :
  • Was ranked 34th fastest growing technology company in India in 2007 in the 'Technology Fast50 India 2007' programme conducted by Delloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Asia Pacific :
  • Management belongs to a family of agricultural technologists with decades of experience in agriculture.
  • Promoters, Associates & group companies holding (including warrants outstanding) is around 55-60% though in the classification only 19.9% is currently shown as promoter holding.
  • Company has grown 450% plus in last 2 years, scaling up from around 8-9 Cr in FY06 to 41 Cr in FY08. The company is targeting a 100% growth in topline in FY09, and a similar jump in FY10 too, which would need some further capital infusion, as the sector is capital-intensive.
  • The company has built the base to continue this scorching pace of growth for the next several years.
  • Among it's clients are HLL, Rajshree Sugar, Russel Tea, various state co-operatives etc.
  • As far as seasonality of the business is concerned, some fruits , vegetables & crops are seasonal, while others are not, so overall seasonality factor is not very large.
  • No Government controls for it's products.
  • It has an impressive list of non-promoter shareholders ; Vivek Mundra is the latest entrant, having picked up a 1% stake recently.

Risks :

  • Any adverse weather conditions affecting farming will impact the company in that particular quarter.
  • Equity dilution - the author is informed that the fully diluted equity stands at 16 Cr . The Industry is working-capital intensive so maintaining the current rate of growth (company is growing 100% yearly) will require further cash infusions resulting in equity dilution – however incremental earnings will be at a far faster pace than any incremental equity dilution hereon.
  • HR & other challenges typical to smaller companies growing at scorching rates

Recommendation : The stock quotes at Rs 74.10 as on 11th July, 2008. The author recommends buying the stock around it's March 2008 low of Rs 55 or below, strictly for a 3-5 year hold.

Author : Bosco Menezes

Recommendation Date : 14.07.2008

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